What is  our ARTISTAS IN RESIDENCE PROGRAM?                              

Mi Casita’s ARTISTAS in Residence program helps us build community with local Spanish-speaking artists who want to share their practice with the community as both teacher and artist. During this short-term (3 month or 6 month), compensated residency, Artistas collaborate with our teachers to create special projects for student both in the preschool and in the after-school, as well as with the community. Artistas may work in any discipline (arts- visual and movement, skills, crafts, and/or trade) which they are willing to share.

The Teaching Artistas residency aims to:

1.     Provide students and community members from birth to adulthood with Spanish learning experiences through a creative lens.              

2.     Support local artists who share our vision to promote, preserve, and develop the pan-Spanish cultural arts. Mi Casita provides them with a creative venue, as well as the opportunity to design, implement, and teach using their work.

3. Showcase Artists' work at the Mini-Museo a bi-monthly event, on Friday evenings or weekends, opened to the community.


Artistas in residence


Debbie Z Maciel is a dance artist currently moving and making work in Brooklyn, NY. Miami bred, she received her BFA from the University of Florida, with training at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. She can currently be found dancing in Joanna Mendel Shaw's The Equus Projects as well as in  Washington, D.C as an adjunct artist for the Dance Exchange. As a choreographer her current work explores her identity as a Peruvian, Brazilian- American woman and daughter of immigrants. More about her at