help Mi Casita come home-

we are so close, Every bit helps!

DOnate, Become a Community Lender or an Investment Partner


Please consider donating to Mi Casita. Every bit helps bring Mi Casita home!

Your contribution will ensure the success of Mi Casita and will yield deeper experiences of diversity, participation, and community. All contributions are greatly appreciated and will help fill our beautiful new space with the materials needed to insure creativity, culture, and opportunities to discover.


Community Lenders will not only get a good return on their investment, but lenders can also feel satisfied that they play an integral part in bringing something good, needed, and tangible to the neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant.


Investing Partners will receive an equity stake and profit sharing for their monetary investment into this community-based venture, your investment reflects a commitment to the Bedford Stuyvesant community.

Please email for more information and the investor deck